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Our design team:


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Ferry de Jong
Founder and Director
+31 (0)33 434 7673

Frank Botter
Specializes in winches and machinery.

Corien Mandersloot
Specializes in stores- and hose handling cranes.


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Rob Hompe
Founder and Director
+31 (0)33 434 7671

Tijmen de Lange
Specializes in side davits and offshore projects.

Harold Stikvoort
Specializes in combined products and provisions cranes.


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Built to last


No sea too high

In the past 15 years MDO has proven to follow the ever changing world of maritime regulations, sometimes even in advance. Our designs for rescue equipment in the shipbuilding and offshore industries are innovative, efficient and have a high degree of customer orientation.



MDO is one of the leading design agencies in the maritime rescue sector. Our highly experienced team doesn’t just engineer the design but also takes care of certification. MDO is a reliable partner, which maintains close ties with various approval societies.



The above designs are just a selection of our entire range and have been realized by Global Davit.


Combined slewing davits

For every space aboard ships , we can offer a standard or special solution. Combining features such as the handling of supplies and survival equipment on a single davit offers added value in the same space.


Offshore Wind cranes

Fully adapted to new developments we have made distinct designs tailored to the demands of the wind energy industry. We have engineered plans of cranes for the generator housing, transition-piece/monopile platform, transformer platform and supply vessel.